Recovering From Inner Chaos

I'm Meg. 20 years old. Sophomore in college studying Psychology with concentrations in Biology and Physics, and I want to go into some kind of neuroscience, but I change my mind about that every day. Biomedical engineering? Biopsychology? Behavioral or cognitive neuroscience? I have too many interests. I am as nerdy as I sound! Absolutely love puppies. Harry Potter fanatic. Bubbly and a little bit crazy. My socks never match. Always kind and honest. Recovering from an eating disorder, or really, all of them, self-harm, anxiety and depression. Hopefully, I will look back one day and remember that this self-induced hell never brought me happiness. Living your life is what brings you happiness.

I have not purged since August 25th, 2013
I haven't cut myself since May 23rd, 2013.
I have not lied since April 24th, 2013.
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